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Brow Business

Brows command a lot of attention so you want to be sure you’ve got full, nicely shaped brows under control.

I can’t emphasize enough, the importance of strong defined brows. Eyebrows play a pivotal role in shaping and enhancing your face, so you want to make sure you are maintaining them as you would with a trip to the nail salon or hairdresser.
If you’ve never had your brows shaped, I’d highly recommend getting it done, as different shape brows will suit different face shapes – so leave the shaping to the hands of the professionals; you don’t want to end up plucking to oblivion and looking like a crazy woman.  I personally like visiting the Benefit Brow Bar for my monthly grooming and I’m always happy with the result, however, there are plenty of great brow salons you can visit.

Brow shaping is only the first part of the journey to great brows, so here are some at-home maintenance & grooming tips to add to your daily make up routine – none of this unruly brow business, thanks!

The Pencil

Pick a colour that is within 2 shades of your natural colour.
Ensure the pencil is sharpened before use and feather the pencil around the outer lines of your brow to define the overall shape (the tail should not extend past the outer edge of your eye).
Once you have the shape, in small feathered strokes, fill in the brow focusing on any sparse areas so that the brow looks full. Make sure you’re following the natural growth of your hair; essentially you’re drawing in new hair.
To finish, use a spooley brush to diffuse the pencil lines into a more natural look; brush the brow upwards and out to tidy them up.

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 5.25.28 pm
Hourglass Brow Pencil ($44) – (similar here and here)

The Brow Kit

Again, pick a palette that closely matches your eyebrow colour, or has various shades so that you can blend to your colour.
Much like with a brow pencil, use your angled brow brush to line the outer shape of your brow and then lightly fill in the colour to create a fuller look. Don’t get heavy-handed on the powder, tap any excess off when starting – you can always build on the colour until it’s the shade and definition you’re after. Remember, you are enhancing your existing brow shape, not drawing a new one.
Typically brow kits will come with at least two varying shades of compact powder, a mini spooley brush, a mini angled brow brush, and tweezers.

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 5.19.04 pm
Le Sourcil de Chanel Brow Kit ($105) (similar here and here)

The Gel Brush

If you already have rather full eyebrows that just need tidying, then a tinted brow gel will do the trick.
I like using Benefit’s Gimme brow as the brush is smaller and gives you more control, staying within the confines of the eyebrow.

A brow gel is also a great finish to any of the above steps, as it helps hold the hair in place for the day.

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 5.36.25 pm
Benefit‘s Gimme Brow ($35) –  (similar here and here)

The finishing touch: to highlight and define the finished brow, use a concealer pen to outline the eyebrow to further define its shape, this also helps to remove any smudge marks. Use a lighter shade eye shadow or illuminating powder on the inner arch of the brow bone to highlight this area.

*images via Pinterest

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