Frankie Forever was born from a love of all things fashion & beauty, by blogger Laura Middleton. It’s a collection of personal musings and a discerningly curated fashion and beauty edit.

Laura spends part of her days deliberating over various online purchases that she’s seen through trawling Instagram profiles, and the rest of the day she works as a fashion buyer for a global company.

Laura’s love of fashion & makeup stems from an innate appreciation for style, or perhaps from a gene that she inherited from her Grandmother…
It all started with a trip to Italy back when she was 8 years old. She was gifted, by said Grandmother, with a pair of green suede ballet flats and a vibrant floral skirt and top ensemble, which soon became her most prized wardrobe possessions.

Since then, she has drifted between forging her own style and living by her own fashion rules, yet at times also falling victim to the heinous fashion trends of the eras. Notably, mid 90s lime green velour shirts and tencel denim (eugh!).

Laura’s style can now be described as stylish, contemporary and monochromatic. She makes up for a lack of colour in her wardrobe with an array of statement and timeless accessories; not to mention, she has an unapologetic collection of sunglasses and shoes.

With a penchant for online shopping (…erm well, shopping in general), Laura created Frankie Forever as a destination to help you style your everyday look with a polished collection of must have products.

For any enquiries contact frankieforeverblog@gmail.com

“Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness, simply didn’t know where to go shopping.”
– Bo Derek

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